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About Us

At Big Sky Capital Group, we’re on a mission to create a lasting impact by investing in regenerative agriculture. Learn more about us.

Join the Regenerative Agriculture Revolution

Big Sky Capital Group consists of a team of passionate investors dedicated to driving positive change in the world. Our focus is on investing in farmland and regenerative agriculture. Our goal is all about creating sustainable, long-term value. With our proven investment strategy and commitment to impact, we’re confident we can help build a better future for all.

At Big Sky Capital Group, we believe that profitable investing and sustainable farming practices are not mutually exclusive. With our unique approach to investing, we seek to create value for our investors while promoting a more sustainable future for all.

What We Do

We believe that by transitioning current operations to regenerative agriculture practices, we can create value for both investors and our local farming community. With billions of investment capital expected to enter the regenerative agriculture space in the next ten years, we are dedicated to ensuring that this money finds an effective and relevant place to work, rebuilding soil, people, local communities, and ecosystems.

Investing in Farmland for Regenerative Agriculture

At Big Sky Capital Group, we invest in farmland with the aim of restoring and regenerating agriculture while preserving and adding value to the land.

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Our strategy is to capture the growth in farmland value and reduce food insecurity by transitioning existing operations to regenerative agriculture management practices.

We aim to double the profit by implementing regenerative farming practices and bringing in carbon offsets to sell on exchanges.

Investing in Nutrient-Dense Food and Food Transportation Security

At Big Sky Capital Group, we believe that food is medicine, and we invest in improving nutrient density in feed and food.

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We aim to improve food transportation security by investing in regenerative agriculture and supporting local communities.
Our strategy is to increase farm and ranch profitability while making a positive impact on people’s health.

Investing in Gold Standard Stability and Inflation Hedge

At Big Sky Capital Group, we offer gold standard stability, inflation protection, and yearly income yields to our investors.

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Our investments provide multiple revenue sources, including carbon credit sales and collateral security in land and machinery with transferable collateral.

As the value of agricultural land continues to increase year over year, we aim to capture this growth and offer our investors a scarce and valuable asset that preserves purchasing power.

Preserving Farmland for Future Generations with Timely Investment

In today’s world, uncertainty is inevitable, and that’s why we aim to protect against market volatility through our investment in regenerative farmland management.

We believe responsible land management practices can create value for investors, communities, and the environment. We’re committed to making a positive impact in all of these areas.

Our Team

Meet our experienced team of investment professionals dedicated to restoring and regenerating agriculture while delivering strong returns for our investors.

Wayne Ebersole

Founding Partner, CEO

  • Background in accounting information systems.
  • CFO for several agriculture companies
  • 10 years in regenerative ag space before regenerative ag was even a term.
  • Soil health and cover crop consultant.

Scott Rohrer

Founding Partner, Director

  • Business owner who recently sold his 8-figure business.
  • An experience fund investor – has invested in numerous funds.
  • Agriculture roots and interested in making an impact in regenerative ag.

Steve Groff

Advisory Board Member

  • Regenerative Agricultural Expert educating investors around the world.
  • Developer of the Tillage Radish®.
  • Speaker and Author of The Future-Proof Farm; Changing Mindsets in a Changing World.
  • Featured on NBC, CBS, and Yahoo Finance.

Samia Pedalino

Advisory Board Member

  • Former Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley with a passion to help people manage money and build wealth.
  • Successful entrepreneur and business owner.
  • Speaker and Author of Money Handbook: Spiritual Keys and Practical Steps to Finance.

Dan Doxey

Advisory Board Member

  • Managing Partner Omnia Investment Advisors
  • Investment Analysis served over $70 billion in transactions
  • Has worked with chief officers of Fortune 500 companies in valuations & analysis
  • Co-founder of Invictus Commercial Equities.

Edward Weaver

Advisory Board Member

  • 20+ Years in Food Distribution & Manufacturing
  • Co-found & owner of multiple businesses
  • COO of Weaver Nut Company
  • Partner in Strategic Investing Group, LLC

Vincent Weaver

Advisory Board Member

  • 20+ Years in Food Distribution & Manufacturing
  • Family Office manager
  • CFO of Weaver Nut Company
  • Partner in Strategic Investing Group, LLC