How It Works

Harness the Power of Regenerative Agriculture

By investing in our fund, you can join us in our efforts to restore and regenerate agriculture, preserve and add value to the land, and ultimately make a meaningful difference in the world. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on our food system!

Make an Impact with Your Investment

Invest in Big Sky Capital Group and make a positive impact on the world of agriculture. Your investment will help to restore and regenerate farmland, increase nutrient density in food, improve food security and transportation, and boost profitability for farmers and ranchers.

With an average age of 58, many farmers are approaching retirement. By buying their farmland, we can preserve and add value to the land while transforming to regenerative farming practices. Join the regenerative agriculture and food revolution and make a difference with your investment.

Investment Features to Know

Investing in Big Sky Capital Group offers a range of attractive features that make it a smart choice for investors. Our fund captures growth in farmland value, with annual returns of 12–14%. It also serves as a way to safeguard your purchasing power.

Our yearly income yields are generated through multiple revenue sources, including carbon credit sales. Our investments also offer collateral security in land and machinery with transferable collateral, providing stability and security for investors.

Looking for Strategic Efficiency

Big Sky Capital Group is dedicated to finding the most efficient and strategic ways of investing in regenerative agriculture and generating positive returns for our investors. By updating the processes to regenerative agriculture management practices, we aim to double our profits while supporting a sustainable future for the industry.

We also capitalize on specialty leases and invest in regenerative agriculture businesses that support our strategy, such as seed production and beef processing. Join us in making a difference and maximizing your returns with our strategic investment approach.